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If you haven’t heard already, the new wargame NATO Air Commander by Hollandspiele is out. It is a solitaire game that depicts a hypothetical World War 3 between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. The focus of the game is on the air component commander who is tasked with planning the air campaign to stop the Soviet onslaught in Germany. The player is tasked with allocating the air assets to different missions and locations, deciding on where to put his main effort, and a whole lot of compromising. The player will be faced with pretty much the same decisions that air planners have to make whenRead More →

Being part of a profession where making mistakes often leads to the death of people, excellence in tactical and operational art is paramount. However, we are often hampered by bureaucracy and a busy schedule that does not leave much time for skill development. Another problem is that even if we find the time to dedicate to practice, we often don’t know how to use it well. We all know people, maybe the great majority of people we know, that have practiced a certain skill for a long time, be it something artistic like drawing or athletic like basketball, but who just don’t seem to beRead More →

At first, I wanted to write a review of Twilight Imperium (TI) from the perspective of a person interested in military affairs. However, reviews are dime a dozen, many of them are incredible*. And I realized writing yet another review of TI was unneccessary. No need to reinvent the wheel. However, what is the most important aspect of TI for military professionals? Strategy! Let’s talk about why we should not decry TI as a nerdy hobby and invest some time with our friends into playing it. TI is the ultimate readily available easy to set up tool for understanding and practicing strategy. The game rulesRead More →