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Why do humans go to war? What influences the we that humans make war? How do humans prepare for war? What lessons can be learnt from past wars? These and more are questions that we explore here.


School of War is a Blog dedicated to the study of war. It is focused on preparation and training. Learn more about School of War.


Read about history, war, and how to prepare for it.

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This is a collection of articles etc. I have published on other platforms. The Wonders of Foreign Travel – Travelling to foreign countries is a wonderful way of widening our horizon. I think we should Weiterlesen…

The Cost of Cultural Ignorance

I discovered Total War: Three Kingdoms, part of the Total War(*) computer game series by The Creative Assembly and SEGA that is set in China during the period of the Three Kingdoms, in the summer of 2019. This experience, coupled with listening Weiterlesen…