Mai 2020

Total War: Three Kingdoms

I discovered Total War: Three Kingdoms, part of the Total War(*) computer game series by The Creative Assembly and SEGA that is set in China during the period of the Three Kingdoms, in the summer of 2019. This experience, coupled with listening to the audiobook version of The Revenge of Geography got me once again thinking about cultural ignorance (I previously wrote about it here) in Western societies(**). I am a “Total War veteran,” I own most of the Total War games and spent a lot of time on them. But Three Kingdoms is a real struggle. Whereas there is a basic familiarity with the events, geography, and people of the period with all of the other TotalRead More →

Nobody expected this pandemic, and it has hit us hard. At first, it was thought that the novel coronavirus is comparable to the flu, but research has shown that it could lead to lasting lung damage and even attack the central nervous system (CNS). Measures to counter the spread range from Sweden’s compliance-based system to Italy’s total lockdown. Unemployment in the United States has risen to 22 million, in Germany studies on the economic impact of the pandemic claim that the economic damage to Germany could be between 7.2-20.6% of GDP. I hope and strongly believe that humanity will come out of this crisis stronger and that these six lessons will be partRead More →