(Full Disclosure: Oxford University Press provided me with a review copy of The Other Face of Battle in Ebook format) For historical sciences, the cultural turn in social sciences signified the final stage of a development that had started with political history, in German often derided as Ereignisgeschichte (history of events), had led to structural history and finally culminated in Kulturgeschichte, the history of cultures. Whereas political history is often concerned with great persons (often men), significant events (hence the derisive name) and states as amorphous but very much alive actors in history, structural history is about structures, their historical development and how they influencedRead More →

Muslims have been living in Germany for over 40 years. For over 40 years they have been part of the German community. And still, great parts of German society have no awareness whatsoever on how Muslims think, believe, and feel. German newspaper Mitteldeutsche Zeitung reports that a small German brewery wanted to land a publicity stunt for the upcoming soccer World Championship and started a small production line with the bottle caps of participating nations. Flag awareness and respect for national flags being so low in Germany (a sad story for another time), the brewery did not think that any nation would have a problemRead More →

May 1 is a cataclysmic event in Berlin. May 1 is Labor Day in Europe. And May 1 is the day that extreme leftists, joined by non-political troublemakers, advance through the streets of Berlin and ordain it with civil unrest and property destruction. Kreuzberg, a district of Berlin, is the epicenter of these seismic events. Known for its alternative, non-conformist, leftist (to the extreme) lifestyle, it was always the center of leftist political activism. The Labor Day demonstrations started peacefully. However, May 1, 1987, was the date the dam broke and activism turned into violence. Galvanized by the current political events of the day, theRead More →