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School of War has been around since 2018. Loyal readers will think of it as a blog with a focus on wargaming. This was never my intention. In the beginning, I had a feeling where I wanted to take School of War, but I couldn’t verbalize it. The easiest way for me to express this feeling was by writing about wargaming, as it felt somehow right to do that. However, School of War was supposed to be more. 2019 gave me the chance to try a few new things on and off this blog. I had the chance to reflect on School of War overRead More →

NATO Air Commander (NAC) is a new solitaire game by Hollandspiele, set during a hypothetical World War III between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in Germany that focuses on the air war. Players slip into the role of the air component commander and have to allocate air assets in order to facilitate NATO winning the war. This is the fourth post in a multi-post series on NATO Air Commander and the relationship between air and land power. For the other posts see: NATO Air Commander – The Wargame Unboxing NATO Air Commander The Role of Air Power in Warfare (a conceptual overview of the roleRead More →

Reading is a learned skill. By that, I am not only talking about the skill of deriving sound and speech from a string of symbols, but also about the systematic approach to breaking down and understanding information dense books. Back in engineering school, I struggled a lot with reading books. The trouble was not understanding the matter or getting through the book (though with some engineering books that was also very hard to do), but to do so in an effective and efficient way*. I got by, but I struggled and was not satisfied with the results. I did try a little stint at speed-readingRead More →