Combat Mission Cold War

(Disclaimer: Battlefront was kind enough to provide me with a copy of Combat Mission Cold War for this review) Decision-making in a tactical environment is key to the success of military forces. Usually, life or death decisions must be made in split seconds with minimal information. The lack of information, often called the fog of war, is the differentiator between military (and crisis) decision-making and decision-making in the civilian world. This skill has to be regularly trained to maintain and improve on it. However, one recurring theme of military life is the lack of such training: oftentimes military forces are burdened with a myriad ofRead More →

School of War has been around since 2018. Loyal readers will think of it as a blog with a focus on wargaming. This was never my intention. In the beginning, I had a feeling where I wanted to take School of War, but I couldn’t verbalize it. The easiest way for me to express this feeling was by writing about wargaming, as it felt somehow right to do that. However, School of War was supposed to be more. 2019 gave me the chance to try a few new things on and off this blog. I had the chance to reflect on School of War overRead More →

The Peloponnesian War is one of those ancient conflicts that draws the attention of many individuals. It was a series skirmishes of and battles, lasting over a period of 30 years, that became the Peloponnesian War. It was a struggle between the city-states of Athens and Sparta of Ancient Greece. Greek history and culture had a significant impact on the Western world and played an important role in the forming of Western thought. However, the Peloponnesian War itself did not have an impact that went much beyond the borders of Greece. It itself didn’t have any impact on the world at that time. It wasRead More →