Mai 2018

Muslims have been living in Germany for over 40 years. For over 40 years they have been part of the German community. And still, great parts of German society have no awareness whatsoever on how Muslims think, believe, and feel. German newspaper Mitteldeutsche Zeitung reports that a small German brewery wanted to land a publicity stunt for the upcoming soccer World Championship and started a small production line with the bottle caps of participating nations. Flag awareness and respect for national flags being so low in Germany (a sad story for another time), the brewery did not think that any nation would have a problemRead More →

As I have written before I am a big fan of the PC game Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations (CMANO). One of the scenarios CMANO comes with is a hypothetical war between the US and China in the South China Sea, The Lost Province, where China tries to regain Taiwan. China’s limited objective is to regain Taiwan, whereas the US wants to prevent exactly that from happening. YouTube Channel Stoic Frog Gaming has done a very interesting playthrough video of the scenario: Some Lessons Learned: It looks like the lessons from the Millenium Challenge 2002 were confirmed once again. But has the Western world reallyRead More →