April 2018

May 1 is a cataclysmic event in Berlin. May 1 is Labor Day in Europe. And May 1 is the day that extreme leftists, joined by non-political troublemakers, advance through the streets of Berlin and ordain it with civil unrest and property destruction. Kreuzberg, a district of Berlin, is the epicenter of these seismic events. Known for its alternative, non-conformist, leftist (to the extreme) lifestyle, it was always the center of leftist political activism. The Labor Day demonstrations started peacefully. However, May 1, 1987, was the date the dam broke and activism turned into violence. Galvanized by the current political events of the day, theRead More →

The Peloponnesian War is one of those ancient conflicts that draws the attention of many individuals. It was a series skirmishes of and battles, lasting over a period of 30 years, that became the Peloponnesian War. It was a struggle between the city-states of Athens and Sparta of Ancient Greece. Greek history and culture had a significant impact on the Western world and played an important role in the forming of Western thought. However, the Peloponnesian War itself did not have an impact that went much beyond the borders of Greece. It itself didn’t have any impact on the world at that time. It wasRead More →

TL;DR: Wargames are a great way of learning about history and the conduct of warfare on all levels (tactics, operations, strategy) in a simple, safe, easy to setup environment. This is a multi-post series that presents some wargames. This is the final article concluding the series. You can find the rest of the series here: Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Historical Wargames Part 3: Tactical Wargames Part 4: Operational Wargames Part 5: Strategic Wargames Part 6: Conclusion This article was supposed to give a quick overview on wargames that can be used for self-study and practice in one’s free time. All of them can beRead More →