This is a collection of articles etc. I have published on other platforms. The Wonders of Foreign Travel – Travelling to foreign countries is a wonderful way of widening our horizon. I think we should do it much more, in order to get a better understanding of our fellow human beings. Institution Building in Iraq Isn’t Working, Here’s Why – A summary of my experiences in Iraq and why I think Western nations‘ efforts are not being as fruitful as they could be. You are not a Crusader, Dude – A critical look at the glorification of crusaders and crusading in Western military culture. OperationalRead More →

I am super late to the game. You might have noticed that we have 2020 now and this post is over a year too late. I am sorry for that. I wrote this post, let it sit around in my (now improved but formerly less-than-effective) folder structure and forgot about it. I still think it might be valuable to some, and in the spirit of “better late than never” here it is. Inspired by similar posts on The Green Notebook and 3×5 Leadership, here is a list of books I read in 2018 and what I think of them. Which books did you read inRead More →

Nobody expected this pandemic, and it has hit us hard. At first, it was thought that the novel coronavirus is comparable to the flu, but research has shown that it could lead to lasting lung damage and even attack the central nervous system (CNS). Measures to counter the spread range from Sweden’s compliance-based system to Italy’s total lockdown. Unemployment in the United States has risen to 22 million, in Germany studies on the economic impact of the pandemic claim that the economic damage to Germany could be between 7.2-20.6% of GDP. I hope and strongly believe that humanity will come out of this crisis stronger and that these six lessons will be partRead More →