August 2020

I usually don’t comment on current affairs because commenting on them is time-critical and I don’t have the time nor do I feel inclined to fire-off an article under that pressure; I like to take my time and really work that article. However, recent events do force me to comment on a very particular issue, an AI just beat a fighter pilot and some people think this is the end of military aviation as we know it. Nevermind that such sweeping generalizations on the military are usually wrong, it is an interesting development. It is especially interesting for me, since I have a background inRead More →

Over the years I have read and listened to a lot of resources that have influenced the way I think about mindset, specifically the right mindset to solve problems in human violence. I think it is important to understand why some individuals and units can create a culture that sets them up for success in conflict and why others fail. Here is a collection of the resources that influenced me the most. I’d like to share them with you and see what you think of them. Matt Larsen on Managing Violence PodcastMatt Larsen is the father of the modern US Army combatives program. As aRead More →

This is a collection of articles etc. I have published on other platforms. The Wonders of Foreign Travel – Travelling to foreign countries is a wonderful way of widening our horizon. I think we should do it much more, in order to get a better understanding of our fellow human beings. Institution Building in Iraq Isn’t Working, Here’s Why – A summary of my experiences in Iraq and why I think Western nations‘ efforts are not being as fruitful as they could be. You are not a Crusader, Dude – A critical look at the glorification of crusaders and crusading in Western military culture. OperationalRead More →