NATO Air Commander (NAC) is a new solitaire game by Hollandspiele, set during a hypothetical World War III between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in Germany that focuses on the air war. Players slip into the role of the air component commander and have to allocate air assets in order to facilitate NATO winning the war. This is the second post in a multi-post series on NATO Air Commander and the relationship between air- and landpower. For the other posts see: NATO Air Commander – The Wargame Unboxing NATO Air Commander (the post you are reading now) The Role of Air Power in Warfare (aRead More →

If you haven’t heard already, the new wargame NATO Air Commander by Hollandspiele is out. It is a solitaire game that depicts a hypothetical World War 3 between NATO and the Warsaw Pact. The focus of the game is on the air component commander who is tasked with planning the air campaign to stop the Soviet onslaught in Germany. The player is tasked with allocating the air assets to different missions and locations, deciding on where to put his main effort, and a whole lot of compromising. The player will be faced with pretty much the same decisions that air planners have to make whenRead More →