(Disclaimer: Naval Institute Press provided me with a review copy of On Operations by B.A. Friedman) „What are the levels of war, and why are they important?” was one of the first questions I asked myself when I started to study war and human conflict. I found conflicting answers and could not make sense of it until someone explained it to me like this: Imagine you are the leader of a group of teenagers. You decide to TP* a teacher’s house. You pick the TP team, others are sent to procure a specific amount of toilet paper. All this is the strategic level. You makeRead More →

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Disclaimer: SEGA was kind enough to provide me with a copy to of Total War: Three Kingdoms for review. I mainly played Total War: Three Kingdoms in Romance Mode while preparing this review. Total War: Three Kingdoms is the much-awaited 13th installment in the Total War series of video games. What is it about and how does it play? Let’s see! Total War: A Quick Intro Here is a quick intro for those of you who don’t know about the Total War Series developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Electronic Arts, Activision, and currently SEGA. The series started with Total War: Shogun, whichRead More →

Learning about war and warfare can be complicated. There are a myriad of books published on the subject, but it can be hard to discern which books are a gross misinterpretation of facts and which books are worth reading, and in which order they should be read. There are obviously great books on the subject, however, identifying them is hard. And the question still remains: is this the right book for me right now? I have gathered a collection of books that I have read over the years and that have eased my journey of learning about the human condition of war. The order inRead More →