TL;DR: Wargames are a great way of learning about history and the conduct of warfare on all levels (tactics, operations, strategy) in a simple, safe, easy to setup environment. This is a multi-post series that presents some wargames. This is the final article concluding the series. You can find the rest of the series here:

This article was supposed to give a quick overview on wargames that can be used for self-study and practice in one’s free time. All of them can be played solo with a little bit of effort, and all those games provide hours of fun and learning if one is willing to put in the time to learn the system and set up a game.

They have helped me in the past and still help me today in my endeavors of learning more about this human condition we call war and the conduct of it. They provide understanding and insight to why history played out the way it did, why people made the decisions that they made, and why modern nations, militaries, and leaders today act the way they do.

I believe that a better understanding of the complexities of war will not only lead to a better understanding of history and current events but will also show that war is ultimately a complicated and bloody affair, best left to the sphere of games never to return to the real world again.

What do you think of the games I chose? Which games would you add or delete from this list? Please post your opinions in the comments section.


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